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Yua Aida
Born (1984-08-12) 12 August 1984 (age 29)
Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Ethnicity Japanese
Height 1.57 m (5 ft 2 in)

Yua Aida (あいだゆあ, Aida Yua?) is an award-winning former Japanese model and AV idol.

Life and career[edit]

Early life[edit]

Yua Aida was born in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, on 12 August 1984. Aida was an active girl and involved in many sporting activities during primary and middle school. Tennis was her strongest sport throughout middle school. In high school, she changed her focus from sports to art, an interest she attributes to her mother. Aida reports that exposure to nude models while oil painting helped her to be more comfortable when she began her AV career. After her graduation from high school, Aida began working at a part-time job. At this time she was scouted by an AV talent agency while shopping in Tokyo's Shinjuku neighborhood. Aida says that she was not impressed with the talent scout, but when she met the company president, she thought, "This guy is really great. I’m gonna work here!"

AV career[edit]

Aida debuted in photo layouts in 2003, and made her AV debut in the January 2004 DVD release Pichi Pichi for Max-A. The video was directed by Yukihiko Shimamura with whom Aida made several more videos in the following years. Aida's second video, Your Yua Aida, was released in February 2004 by the KUKI studio. This video left the fictional narrative format to explore the documentary style common with Japanese adult videos. Over the next year, Aida made new videos about once a month alternating between Max-A and KUKI. At the 2004 X City Grand Prix Awards, Aida received the Best New Actress Award as well as the 3rd Place Best Actress Award.

In Spring 2005, Aida joined a new studio, S1 No. 1 Style, and released her first video with them, Sell Debut, directed by Hideto Aki, in May 2005. She became one of the most popular figures at the S1 studio – in the DMM list of the top 100 actresses by sales, she placed No. 1 in 2005 and No. 4 in 2006. While at S1, Aida won the Best Actress Award for Excellence at the 2006 AV Actress Grand Prix. In addition, on 20 March 2006 at the 2006 Adult Broadcasting Awards, she received the Best Actress Award for programs broadcast in 2005. Aida remained with S1 for the rest of her AV career, appearing in about one original video a month. In March 2007 she appeared in one of the "Digital Channel" series of videos for Idea Pocket and later, in mid-2007, she also starred in four videos in the Moodyz Diva series.

On 12 July 2007, Aida announced in her blog that she was retiring from appearances in AV, but planned to continue appearing in gravure and non-pornographic "Image" videos. The November 2007 gravure video Eternal, The Last DVD was announced as her final retirement work. Later in November Style Art entered her video Yua Aida Dance Best (containing dance scenes from her earlier Style Art videos) in the 2008 AV Grand Prix contest. On February 16, 2008, Shinyusha published a final photobook Yua with photographs by Miseki Liu.

In 2012 the major Japanese adult video distributor DMM held a poll of its customers to choose the 100 all time best AV actresses to celebrate the 30th anniversary of adult videos in Japan. Aida placed number fifteen in the final count.

Partial filmography[edit]

Video title Release date Company Director Notes
Pichi Pichi 2004-01-23 (VHS)
2004-03-26 (DVD) MAX-A Calen
XC-1313 (VHS)
XV-163 (DVD) Yukihiko Shimamura AV Debut video
YOUR Yua Aida
YOUR あいだゆあ 2004-02-27 KUKI Tank
KT-690 (VHS)
KTD-073 (DVD) Matsuda
Voyage 2004-03-26 MAX-A Samansa
XS-2327 Taira Takano
Mine 2004-04-29 KUKI Tank
KT-699 (VHS) Harry Sugino
プラウディア 2004-05-21 MAX-A Samansa
XS-2335 Yoshiho Fukuoka
The Naked
裸体 あいだゆあ 2004-05-25 SHUFFLE Believe
SFBV-012 (VHS)
SFLB-012 (DVD) Kosuke Kisaragi
如月行介 Gravure (non-sex) video
MAXIMUM 2004-06-25 KUKI Tank
KTD-083 Harry Sugino Compilation DVD of Mine and Lesson 4 plus 60 min of new material
LESSON 4 2004-06-27 KUKI Tank
KT-706 Harry Sugino
Samantha - Yua Aida
サマンサ あいだゆあ 2004-07-23 MAX-A
XV-184 Yoshiho Fukuoka
Taira Takano Compilation DVD including Voyage & Praudia
Curved Line Beauties/Curvaceous Beautiful Lady
曲線美人 2004-07-30 MAX-A Samansa
XS-2348 Toshio
発汗 2004-08-25 KUKI Tank
KT-712 Harry Sugino
Female Teacher Hunting
女教師狩り in あいだゆあ 2004-09-28 MAX-A Samansa
XS-2356 Yukihiko Shimamura
Tell You / I Will Teach You
教えてあげる あいだゆあ 2004-10-28 KUKI Tank
KT-720 Hajime Kitano
KUBIRE 2004-10-29 KUKI Tank
KTD-090 Hajime Kitano Compilation DVD containing Sweat and Tell You
Samantha - Yua Aida Vol.2
サマンサ あいだゆあ Vol.2 2004-11-28 MAX-A
XV-205 Toshio
Yukihiko Shimamura Compilation DVD containing Curved Line Beauties & Female Teacher Hunt
Welcome to Max Café!
Max Cafeへようこそ!あいだゆあ 2004-11-30 (VHS)
2005-03-29 (DVD) MAX-A Samansa
XS-2367 (VHS)
XV-230 (DVD) Yukihiko Shimamura
Doctor 2004-12-22 KUKI Tank
KT-729 Sabbath Horinaka
If... / Yua Aida 2005-01-28 MAX-A Samansa
XS-2376 Taira Takano
Powers 2005-02-25 KUKI Tank
KTD-099 Sabbath Horinaka
JUNGO Compilation DVD containing Doctor & South Pole 2 + extras
The South Pole 2
南極2号 あいだゆあ 2005-02-27 KUKI Tank
Night Yua
ナイト Yua 2005-03-25 MAX-A Samansa
XS-2383 Toshio
The Naked "MAPPA"
真裸【MAPPA】 あいだゆあ 2005-03-30 SHUFFLE Believe
SFLBK-014 Kosuke Kisaragi Gravure (non-sex) video
Lusting Uniform Collection
欲情制服コレクション 2005-04-29 MAX-A
XS-2390 Toshio Compilation with several other actresses including Sora Aoi, Naho Ozawa & Akiho Yoshizawa
Fin. 2005-04-29 KUKI tank
エンドレス あいだゆあ 2005-04-30 KUKI Tank
KT-749 Gaspel
Sell Debut
ギリギリモザイク 2005-05-07 S1
ONED-089 Hideto Aki
Yua Has Begun Minimal Mosaic
極小モザイクはじめました。 2005-05-20 Style Art
SAP-002 Horinaka Sabasu
History あいだゆあ 2005-05-27 MAX-A Samansa
XS-2394 Toshio Compilation chronicling her career with MAX-A
Samantha - Yua Aida Vol.3
サマンサ あいだゆあ Vol.3 2005-05-28 MAX-A
XV-243 Compilation DVD containing If ... and Night Yua
Six Costumes Pakopako!
6つのコスチュームでパコパコ! 2005-06-07 S1
ONED-120 Hideto Aki
Yua Aida's Costume Play
あいだゆあのコスプレしちゃった!! 2005-06-19 Style Art
SAP-007 Chibikuro
Sex on the Beach, Southern Island Pakopako!
SEX ON THE BEACH~南の島でパコパコ! 2005-07-07 S1
ONED-152 Hideto Aki
Kirei na Sex
キレイナセックス 2005-07-13 Consent
CON-002 Gravure (non-sex) video
Yua is a Really Erotic College Student
ゆあはエロエロ女子大生 2005-08-07 S1
ONED-184 Tadanori Usami
Soap Land Sexual Services
妄想的特殊浴場 2005-09-07 S1
ONED-219 Hideto Aki
Yua's Moist Concentrate Sex
ゆあのネットリ濃厚セックス 2005-10-07 S1
ONED-256 Tadanori Usami
Teacher Yua's Pakopako Lesson
ゆあ先生のパコパコ授業 2005-11-07 S1
ONED-282 Hideto Aki
BakoBako Gangbang 1
バコバコ乱交1 2005-12-07 S1
ONED-303 Hideto Aki
Pakopako Newlywed Life With Yua
ゆあとのパコパコ新婚生活 2006-01-07 S1
ONED-324 Hideto Aki
Risky Mosaic 6 Fucks
ギリギリモザイク6本番 2006-02-07 S1
ONED-345 Iggy Coen
Indecent Lascivious Lady 1
イヤラしい痴女1 2006-03-07 S1
Feeling Ecstasy 2006-03-19 Style Art
Erotic Lady's Exclamation Fuck
エロい女の絶叫FUCK 2006-04-07 S1
A Life With Yua is 24 Hours Sex!
ゆあとの共同生活は24時間セックスざんまい! 2006-05-07 S1
ONED-419 Ishibashi Wataru
Endless Bakobako 3
無限バコバコ3 2006-06-07 S1
ONED-448 Iggy Coen
Tempting Erotic Fuck
誘惑エロティックFUCK 2006-07-07 S1
ONED-472 Iggy Coen
Yua's Sex Will Be Shown Thoroughly
ゆあのセックスじっくり見せてあげる 2006-08-07 S1
ONED-495 Hifumi Tatsuwo
Best Paizuri 1
むにゅパイズリ1 2006-09-07 S1
Lewd Flesh 3
淫らな肉体3 2006-10-07 S1
Blur File, Yua Aida
ブルーファイル あいだゆあ 2006-10-21 MAX-A
XV-427 Compilation DVD of her earlier works for Max-A, containing Pichi Pichi, Voyage, Praudia and Curved Line Beauties
Naked Body, Evolution
裸体 evolution あいだゆあ 2006-10-25 SHUFFLE Believe
SFLB-055 Gravure (non-sex) video
Violent Piston
激烈ピストン 2006-11-07 S1
ONED-585 Ishibashi Wataru
Pakopako Via Swimsuit
水着でパコパコしよっ 2006-12-07 S1
ONED-619 Midori Kohaku
Hyper-Risky Mosaic
ハイパーギリギリモザイク 2007-01-07 S1
ONED-646 Ishibashi Wataru
Pakopako Aviation Cabin Attendant
パコパコ航空 CA 2007-02-07 S1
ONED-670 Ekimoto
Digital Channel DC35 2007-03-01 IdeaPocket Supreme
SUPD-035 Alala Kurosawa
Hyper-Digital Mosaic Vol.055
ハイパーデジタルモザイクVol.055 2007-04-01 Moodyz Diva
MIDD-267 Osyare Ra-Men
Super Excellent Body
超絶品ボディ 2007-05-01 Moodyz Diva
MIDD-271 Hiroa
Excitement Piston Special
激ピストンSPECIAL 2007-06-01 Moodyz Diva
MIDD-283 Hiroa
Female Teacher Gang Rape
女教師 レイプ 輪姦 2007-07-01 Moodyz Diva
MIDD-290 Hiroa
Screaming! Big Magnum Fuck
絶叫!ビッグマグナムFUCK 2007-07-07 S1
ONED-783 Midori Kohaku
To the Limit Continuous Fuck
限界まで連続FUCK 2007-08-07 S1
ONED-808 Ishibashi Wataru
Eternal, The Last DVD
Eternal ~これが最後のDVD 2007-11-13 Tao
TAO-040 Gravure (non-sex) video
Yua Aida Dance Best
あいだゆあ DANCE BEST 2007-11-28 Style Art
AVGP-017 2008 AV Grand Prix entry



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