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Please update the protection templates on the page after changing the protection level.
Note: If this page is protected due to office actions, do not unprotect it without proper authorization.

Instructions and special-case notes

By default, protection lasts indefinitely. To specify an expiry, enter a length of time (e.g. "31 hours", "5 days" or "1 week") or an expiration date (e.g. "1 May 2014") in GNU standard format.

  • Avoid non-integer values, such as "2.37 weeks" or "1.84 days"; the MediaWiki software might format them incorrectly.
  • Expiry times for move-protection and edit-protection can be set for different lengths of time.
    • This allows pages to be protected from editing for a definite period of time while move-protection can remain indefinitely.
  • All pages protected here are publicly visible at Special:ProtectedTitles.