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Mayura Hoshitsuki
Born (1982-12-30) December 30, 1982 (age 31)
Tokyo, Japan
Ethnicity Japanese
Height 1.52 m (5 ft 0 in)

Mayura Hoshitsuki or Mayura Hoshizuki (星月まゆら, Hoshitsuki Mayura?) is an award-winning Japanese adult video actress who retired from the adult industry in 2010. Her extended career, popularity and impressive filmography qualify her as an AV idol.

Life and career[edit]

Hoshitsuki made her AV debut in August 2002 with the Crystal-Eizou company but her video appearances were rather limited in her early years. Starting in 2004, her career blossomed and the list of DVDs under her name at Amazon numbered 192 in late 2010. From early in her career, Hoshitsuki has been involved in videos portraying most of the standard genres of Japanese pornography: bukakke, gokkun, public nudity and sex, bondage (BDSM), and cosplay.

Although she made her first video with the Dogma studio and director TOHJIRO in 2004 (Confinement Chair Trance), she did not become a contract actress at Dogma until 2006. Most of her work was done with Dogma which is known for its sometimes bizarre fetish movies, often containing scenes of forced fellatio. Hoshitsuki has participated in several extreme fetish videos for Dogma. The 2006 video Lolita Sperm Lesbians counts 132 ejaculations while for the 2008 video Vomit Lesbian Drug, director TOHJIRO awarded her and her co-star the "medal of vomit fetishists" and said: "No one can make better puke porn than this." She also had lactation scenes in two early 2008 titles, Ero Pop Girl and Soft And Dirty - Mayura’s Wank Navigator. In another film (10 Year Special Lessons In Secret Technique Men’s Bible Vol. 1), she and other Dogma actresses get lessons in the technique of squirting (shiofuki in Japanese porn) from the expert, actor Taka Kato. She also participated in a live SM-Night show with other Dogma studio actresses (she is the leader of the group known as director TOHJIRO's M (Masochist) Women) for 200 Dogma fans.

At the second D-1 Climax Award ceremony in 2006, Hoshitsuki was given the Erotic Cinderella (エロシンデレラ) award for Best Actress, along with Chihiro Hasegawa and Maki Tomoda. Her 2005 film M Drug - Female Meat Toilet - Mayura Hoshitsuki won the Grand Prize at the first D-1 Climax Awards. Another of her videos Dream School 10, done with 7 other actresses, was the Moodyz entry in the 2006 AV Open Contest. For her performance in the pink film Newlywed's Sex Education: The Uniform's Bride (新婚性教育 制服の花嫁, Shinkonseikyōiku: seifuku no hanayome?) Hoshitsuki was given a Best New Actress award at the 2006 Pink Grand Prix ceremonies. Additional recognition came to Hoshitsuki for her November 2008 film, Vomit Enema Ecstasy X, which was the Dogma entry in the 2009 AV GrandPrix contest where it won the Digital Sales Award.

Hoshitsuki did not work for four months in 2006-2007 because she was "recuperating on doctor's orders". Since then, her video appearances have been limited. She released her first uncensored video - one in which the genitals are not obscured by pixellation as in most Japanese pornography - in March 2008. In September 2009, Dogma released History of Mayura Hoshitsuki, an 8 hour compilation of episodes from her 19 titles with Dogma plus interviews with Hoshitsuki and director Tohjiro.

Hoshitsuki is an ardent blogger and her extensive official blog dates back to April 2005 with frank discussions of her life and health problems. She is an animal lover: snakes, horses, tortoises, dogs and cats, etc., and her blog often has pictures of her pets.

In March 2010, Hoshitsuki announced her retirement from the AV industry due to health reasons.

Partial filmography[edit]

Release Date Video Title Company & ID Director Notes
2002-08-27 Pure in Heart Mayura
ピュアinハート MAYURA Crystal-Eizou Venus
VA-31 Yukihiko Shimamura Debut Video
2003-03-20 Mydol Semen Vol. 2
マイドル・ザーメンVOL.2 Natural High
TZDT-002 Gokkun
2003-05-08 Hi-School Girl Confinement & Rape in Turn 43
女子校生監禁凌辱 鬼畜輪姦43 Attackers Shark
2003-08-08 Snake Bondage Madness
蛇縛の発狂飼育 Attackers Jabaku
JBD-068 Koshu Kaizan
2003-12-18 Petite Exposure Disc.2
プチ裸出 Disc.2 Natural High
NHDT-031 Yoshino Ganja
2004-01-22 Peeing Girl
小便少女 Natural High
2004-03-12 Karami Mayura Hoshizuki
VIPD-241 Takeshi Kase
2004-07-10 Confinement Chair Trance Mayura Hoshitsuki
拘束椅子トランス Dogma
2004-10-10 Onanie Poisoning Girl
オナニー中毒少女 Dogma
DDQ-006 Kyuta Tsukumo
2004-11-04 Burusera Bukkake Semen
ブルセラぶっかけザーメン IEnergy
IE-155 With Sakura Sakurada, Monburan, Yui Kayama & Mai Haruna
2005-04-23 Crazy Time to Breeding of Lolita
ロリータ飼育狂時代3 Glory Quest
2005-02-08 White Semen Bukakke
again 白い性欲 星月まゆら Dogma
2005-05-15 I Wanna Be Raped By My Sisters
妹たちに犯されたい…。 Dogma
DDN-139 Nimura Hitoshi Lesbian
With Chihiro Hasegawa & Yuka Satsuki
2005-09-15 M Drug - Female Meat Toilet - Mayura Hoshitsuki
Mドラッグ 女体肉便器・連続強制フェラ・生中出し Dogma
2005-09-22 Limitless Inside Shot 4
無制限生中出し 4 SOD
DVUMA-113 Yuji Kitano
2005-11-19 Anal Trance DX
アナルトランスDX Dogma
2005-11-25 True Lies High School Symphony
(Obscene School Lesbians Royal Education Institution)

淫校シンフォニー 真レズビアン学園 Big Mokaru
DDR-870 Tomoyasu Isaka Lesbian
2005-12-23 Immoral Angel
インモラル天使 CineMagic
VS-791 Mito Wakatsuki
2006-01-15 Loving Semen-Drinking
愛あるゴックン Waap Entertainment Dragons Gate
2006-03-07 Shameless Lewd High-School Girls
ハレン痴女子高生 Premium
PXD-001 KENGO With Hotaru Akane & Yuka Satsuki
2006-03-15 Bound M Actress Collection Vol.3
縄・M女優 コレクション Vol.3 Dogma
2006-04-07 Les Noir 2
レズノアール 2 Attackers Inmad
ATID-080 Yui Koike Lesbian
With Sakura Sakurada, Ruka Uehara & Miyu Otohime
2006-04-29 Dolls
Dolls Dream Ticket
2006-05-01 Dream School 10
ドリーム学園10 完全版 Moodyz Value
MIVD-005 / OPEN-0614 Taikei Shimizu 2006 AV Open Contest entry
With Rino Kamiya, Nao, Chihiro Hasegawa, Mikan Tokonatsu, Ren Hitomi, Miyu Sugiura & Hotaru Akane
2006-05-07 The Slave Island - Episode 3
奴隷島3 第三章 四女・晴香の屈服 Attackers Ryubaku
RBD-051 Kenzo Nagira With Miyuki Kobayashi, Miki Eguchi, Yun Mayuki & Maya
2006-06-19 Rope Lesbian Triangle
縄・トライアングル レズビアン Dogma
COT-004 TOHJIRO Lesbian
With Kurumi Morishita & Shuri Himesaki
2006-10-19 Fan Thanksgiving Day
ファン感謝DAY Dogma
2006-12-19 Lolita Sperm Lesbian
ロリスペレズ 星月まゆら 長谷川ちひろ Dogma
DDT-154 TOHJIRO Co-starring Chihiro Hasegawa
2007-01-07 Gal's SM
女の子のSM りことまゆら 立花里子 星月まゆら Attackers Ryubaku
RBD-066 Eiji Koga Co-starring Riko Tachibana
2007-04-19 Underarm Hair Drug - The Dream Of A Girl With Underarm Hair
ワキ毛・ドラッグ~ワキ毛少女の見る夢~ 星月まゆら Dogma
2007-06-19 The Rope - 7 M Women
縄・7人のM女 Dogma
COT-009 TOHJIRO With Hine Otsuka, Marin Izumi, Maki Tomoda, Yuria Hidaka, Chihiro Hasegawa & Akane Mochida
2007-08-19 Vomit Lesbian Drug
ゲボレズ・ドラッグ Dogma
COT-010 TOHJIRO Lesbian
Co-starring Akane Mochida
2008-01-19 Soft And Dirty - Mayura’s Wank Navigator
ソフトでいやらしいまゆらのオナニーナビゲーター 星月まゆら Dogma
2008-02-19 Ero Pop Girl
ERO POP GIRL ベロチュパ・レズ Dogma
DDT-174 TOHJIRO Lesbian
Co-starring Ryo Matsushima
2008-03-27 Top Idol Vol. 1
Wonder Family
PF-001 Uncensored
2008-05-19 Double Underarm Hair Lesbian Fisting Drug
Wワキ毛・レズフィスト・ドラッグ Dogma
DDT-183 TOHJIRO Lesbian
Co-starring Maki Tomoda
2008-06-19 10 Year Special Lessons In Secret Technique Men’s Bible Vol. 1
あれから10年 秘技伝授 男のバイブル[完全潮吹き入門] Vol. 1 Dogma
DDT-185 TOHJIRO With Hotaru Akane, Ryo Akanishi, Marin Izumi & Yuu Tsuyuno
2008-07-19 10 Year Special Lessons In Secret Technique Men’s Bible Vol. 2
あれから10年 秘技伝授 男のバイブルVOL.2 Dogma
DDT-188 TOHJIRO With Marin Izumi, Yuu Tsuyuno, Ryou Natsume & Akane Mochida
2008-11-22 Vomit Enema Ecstasy X
ゲロ浣腸エクスタシー X Dogma
AVGL-130 TOHJIRO Co-starring Yuuka Osawa
Dogma entry in the 2009 AV Grand Prix contest
2009-04-19 House of Rope
縄の家 緊縛絵師と背徳姉妹 Dogma
DDT-229 TOHJIRO Co-starring Tsubomi
2009-09-19 History of Mayura Hoshitsuki
星月まゆらヒストリー Dogma
DDT-250 TOHJIRO Compilation of her previous Dogma videos
2010-03-19 Dream Woman
DREAM WOMAN オナホール烈伝 Dogma


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