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Deutsch, Deutsche Sprache
Pronunciation [ˈdɔʏtʃ]
Native to Primarily in German-speaking Europe, as a minority language and amongst the German diaspora worldwide
Native speakers
Standard German: 90 million  (2013)
all varieties of German: 120 million (1990–2005)
L2 speakers: 80 million (2006)

Early forms

Latin (German alphabet)
German Braille
Signed German, LBG
(Lautsprachbegleitende/Lautbegleitende Gebärden)
Official status
Official language in

Suedtirol CoA.svg South Tyrol ( Italy)

 European Union (official and working language)
Recognised minority language in

 Czech Republic
 Namibia (National language; official language 1984–90)
 Poland (Auxiliary language)
 Slovakia (Official municipal language of Krahule/Blaufuß)
 Slovenia (First or second foreign language taught in most schools)

 Brazil (Co-official municipal language in Pomerode and other municipalities)
 South Africa
  Vatican City (Administrative and commanding language of the Swiss Guard)
 Venezuela (Colonia Tovar)
Regulated by

No official regulation

(German orthography regulated by the Council for German Orthography).
Language codes
ISO 639-1 de
ISO 639-2 ger (B)
deu (T)
ISO 639-3 Variously:
deu – Standard German
gmh – Middle High German
goh – Old High German
gct – Alemán Coloniero
bar – Austro-Bavarian
cim – Cimbrian
geh – Hutterite German
ksh – Kölsch
nds – Low German
sli – Lower Silesian
ltz – Luxembourgish
vmf – Main-Franconian
mhn – Mócheno
pfl – Palatinate German
pdc – Pennsylvania German
pdt – Plautdietsch
swg – Swabian German
gsw – Swiss German
uln – Unserdeutsch
sxu – Upper Saxon
wae – Walser German
wep – Westphalian
Extended content
52-AC (Continental West Germanic) > 52-ACB (Deutsch & Dutch) >
52-ACB-d (Central German incl. 52-ACB–dl & -dm Standard/Generalised High German) + 52-ACB-e & -f (Upper German & Swiss German) + 52-ACB-g (Yiddish) + 52-ACB-h (émigré German varieties incl.
52-ACB-hc Hutterite German & 52-ACB-he Pennsylvania German etc.) + 52-ACB-i (Yenish); totalling 285 varieties: 52-ACB-daa to 52-ACB-i