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Ayano Murasaki
Born (1969-03-29) March 29, 1969 (age 45)
Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
Other names Haruka Yumeno (夢乃春香)
Height 1.60 m (5 ft 3 in)

Ayano Murasaki (紫彩乃, Murasaki Ayano?, also 紫綾乃) is a Japanese adult video (AV) performer.

Life and career[edit]

Ayano Murasaki was born in the Ibaraki Prefecture of Japan on March 29, 1969. She made her adult video debut in late 2003 at the age of 34. The market for such "mature woman" or "madame" actresses appeared in Japanese porn films in the mid-1990s and the genre was popularized in AV in the late 1990s by director Goro Tameike. By mid-2010 the market for mature videos had grown to the point where the major Japanese video distributor DMM listed over 14,000 items with the mature (熟女) keyword. Murasaki appeared in such "mature woman" videos for the KMP Million Madams label and for Madonna, an AV studio specializing in the genre.

Later in her career, Murasaki performed in videos for the Cinemagic and Dogma studios, known for their hardcore bondage and S&M material. Murasaki also starred in a number of "uncensored" videos (those without the pixellation of the genitals found in Japanese porn) released outside of Japan by Sky High Entertainment and Oriental Dream Pictures.

In 2005, Murasaki received an adult film best actress award for Million Madam and in 2006 Murasaki was recognized by the AV industry and fans by being nominated for Best Mature Actress at the Adult Broadcasting Awards for her performances in the 2005 broadcast year on Japanese adult TV.

In February 2011, Murasaki co-starred with Reiko Makihara in the Madonna studio's first 3D video, 3D Co-Starring Mature Beauties: Tempting Love of Mother and Aunt.

Partial filmography[edit]

Video title Company Director Notes Release date
Beauty Madam 2 Hours
美人マダム2時間 KMP Million
MILV-118 (VHS)
MILD-118 (DVD) Eitaro Haga 2003-12-26
Super Beauty Ero Mrs.
超高級エロミセス Madonna
JUK-022 (VHS)
JUKD-022 (DVD) Eitaro Haga 2004-03-15
Bukkake Jukujo
ぶっかけ熟女 Sky High
SKY-007 Uncensored 2004-06-28
Inmad Cinemashow 2 (Sexual Chaos in Prison)
淫魔CINEMASHOW2 淫魔収容所 Attackers Inmad
ATI-021 (VHS)
ATID-021 (DVD) Eitaro Haga With Sakura Sakurada, Minami Aoyama & Ruri Shiratori 2004-07-08
Truly Beautiful Lady Bukkake
美熟女ぶっかけ Madonna
JUK-065 (VHS)
JUKD-065 (DVD) Eitaro Haga 2004-07-15
Voluptuous Mature Nakadashi
艶熟 中出し Glory Quest TopazJ
TUJD-13 2004-08-03
Mature Pride
熟女プライド Kuki Super Devil
SDS-016 With Maki Miyashita, Aki Tomosaki, Mayumi Tachibana, Maki Tomoda, Kozue Yoshinaga & Miyabi Kaga 2004-10-29
Failure as a Mother
近親白書 母親失格 Madonna
JUK-113 (VHS)
JUKD-113 (DVD) With Shizuku Morino 2004-11-15
Tsumatama Cheaters On Holiday Vol.1
つまたま Vol.2 Oriental Dream
XV-25 Uncensored
With Noa Sakuragi, Chiaki Mihara & Ran Saotome 2004-12-14
Stepmother Ayano
義母 彩乃 Moodyz
MDY-015 (VHS)
MDYD-015 (DVD) Goro Tameike 2004-12-15
Dear Mother!
おふくろさん! KMP Million Madams
DAMV-003 (VHS)
MILD-267 (DVD) Eitaro Haga 2005-02-18
Tsumatama Cheaters On Holiday Vol.2
つまたま 美人妻 イン 南国サイパン Vol.2 Oriental Dream
XV-29 Uncensored
With Noa Sakuragi, Chiaki Mihara & Ran Saotome 2005-03-15
Super High-Class Night Club
超高級クラブ 女の戦い ママ vs チーママ KMP Million Madams
DAMV-005 (VHS)
MILD-278 (DVD) Eitaro Haga With Momoka Hanai & Runa Akasaka 2005-03-18
Lustful Kiss of Mother and Daughter
淫欲接吻母娘愛 Audaz Japan ISIS
ISD-042 With Yume Imano, Reona Azabu, Hikaru Yuzuki 2005-04-10
Hitoduma Hirugao Vol.2
人妻昼顔2 KMP Million Madams
DAMV-007 (VHS)
MILD-289 (DVD) Goro Tameike 2005-04-22
Madonna School - Rebellion of Mothers
マドンナ学園 - 母たちの反乱 Madonna
JUK-125 (VHS)
JUKD-125 (DVD) With 5 other actresses 2005-04-24
Backside (Ura)
KMP Million Madams
DAMV-010 (VHS)
MILD-303 (DVD) Goro Tameike 2005-05-27
Apartment Wife
団地妻 KMP Million Madams
DAMV-012 (VHS)
MILD-316 (DVD) 2005-06-17
Dirty-Minded Wife Advent Vol.2
好色妻降臨 Vol.2 Sky High
SKY-033 Uncensored 2005-06-29
Madam Pet
熟女ペット KMP Million Madams
DAMD-014 (VHS)
MILD-327 (DVD) Goro Tameike 2005-07-22
近親相姦 Wanz Factory
EG-105 2005-09-01
Ballroom Dance Club
淑女社交ダンス倶楽部 Madonna
JUKD-317 With Miki Tachibana & Yukari Sanada 2005-12-25
Dream of Attractive Mature Woman Mania - Bloomers Alluring Mature Woman 10
熟女マニアがみる夢 ブルセラ熟女 10巻 彩乃36歳 AVS COLOR'S
DCR-29 2006-01-13
A Beautiful Woman
美しい女 Goro Tameike
MDYD-038 Takezou 2006-03-13
The Rare Karte FILE-1
レアカルテ FILE-1 AVS Project GOLD
DAPJ-37 Kyouichi 2006-04-10
Beautiful Mature Woman Confinement with Taka Kato!
美熟女が拘束され加藤鷹にイカサレまくるビデオ! Goro Tameike
MDYD-045 Goro Tameike With AV actor Taka Kato 2006-05-13
Beautiful Mature Maids & Rich Boy
美熟女メイドと金持ち坊っちゃん Cross
CRPD-067 Matsushima Cross Co-starring Chinami Sakai 2006-06-19
The Inner Palace: Indecent War
大奥 淫の乱 花びら燃ゆ Max-A DoraMax
DMX-001 Kunihiro Hasegawa With Akiho Yoshizawa, Anri Mizuna, Kyōko Kazama, Mihiro, Nana Miyachi, Lemon Hanazawa & Shinobu Ebihara 2006-07-28
Mature Female Canines
熟女犬 Goro Tameike
MDYD-077 Goro Tameike With Aki Tomosaki, Mayumi Kusunoki & Sakura Mizuno 2006-09-13
Mature Woman Cums with Vibrator Vol.5
熟女を電マでイカせ続ける3時間 5 Prestige Onimaru
OND-005 2006-10-11
Celeb While in Afternoon Delusion Peeing Concentration
セレブの午後は妄想おもらし三昧 AVS Project GOLD
DAPJ-56 Goro Abashiri 2006-11-10
PARADE Vol.55 The Gorgeous Madam : Ayano Murasaki
PARADE Vol.55 ゴージャスマダム 中出し編 : 紫彩乃 J-Spot
PA-55 Uncensored 2006-11-27
Mourning Dress Slave 29
喪服奴隷XXIX CineMagic Collect
DVS-067 Hidekazu Takahara 2006-12-15
I Wanna Fuck My Friend's Mature Mother
熟れた友達のお母さんを犯しまくりたい。 Dogma
DDB-035 Be-Bop Minoru 2006-12-19
Celebrity Busty Mature Women: Best Male Virgin!
セレブ美熟女 最高の筆おろし! Madonna
JUKD-545 Co-starring Riri Kōda 2007-01-25
Red Hot Jam Vol.12 : Ayano Murasaki
レッド・ホット・ジャム 12 : 美熟女 (紫彩乃) Red Hot
RHJ-012 Uncensored 2007-08-22
Best Beautiful Woman
美しい女ベスト Goro Tameike
MBYD-024 Takezou With Sayuri Shiraishi, Yuuki Seto, Yumi Kazama 2008-04-13
Forbidden Mating : Satonaka Ayako, Ayano Murasaki
禁断交尾 : 里中亜矢子, 紫彩乃 Yuzu
YUU-26 Uncensored
With Ayako Satonaka 2008-07-15
End of the Century Swapping
スワッピング世紀末 FA Pro
FAX-170 2008-12-25
The Inner Palace : Full Version Digitally Remastered
大奥 完全版 デジタルリマスター Max-A
XV-750 With Akiho Yoshizawa, Anri Mizuna, Kyōko Kazama, Mihiro, Nana Miyachi, Lemon Hanazawa, Ruri Shiratori, Satomi Shinozaki & Shinobu Ebihara 2009-05-08
Red Hot Jam Vol.122 Beautiful Mature Woman Bukkake : Ayano Murasaki
レッド・ホット・ジャム 122 : ぶっかけ美熟女 (紫彩乃) Red Hot
RHJ-122 Uncensored 2009-12-22
3D Co-Starring Mature Beauties: Tempting Love of Mother and Aunt
3D美熟女共演! 叔母の誘惑と母の愛情 Madonna
JUC-483 Eitaro Haga With Reiko Makihara
3D video 2011-02-25


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